Frequently Asked Questions

The solar reflective index (SRI) is a measure of the solar radiation that is reflected back by a rooftop surface (or any other surface in question) and the emissivity of the surface. It is an indicator of how hot the surface will become when the sun's radiation falls directly on it.

Yes.We need some space between the tiles for neat alignment.

Yes. Cool roof tiles are purely eco-friendly product. Because these tiles are manufactured using naturally occurring minerals.

Auratile are with highest flexural strength among other roof tiles

It will never lose, its heat reflective property till the building life.

Solar Reflection Index (S.R.I) for red clay tiles is 20 to 30 only. For cool roof tiles, the index is 95. Higher the S.R.I, the greater is the heat reflected. This will be reduced electricity consumption and a positive environmental impact.

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