terrace cooling tile
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How does cool roof tiles work?

The roof is one of the most critical components of the building, but it is the component which takes maximum heat during the summer. We worked on this problem to get a solutions for this need, we found that cool roof tile is intended to reflect more sunlight than an ordinary roof tiles, engrossing less solar energy. This brings down the temperature of the building and reduce the room temperature.

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Anti Fungus
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Low Cost
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Light Weight
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Easy Installation
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Water Proof
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Heat Resistance
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Long Lasting

Normal Clay Tiles


Auratile Cool Roof Tiles

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Clay Tiles
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Tiles Cost Per Sft

₹ 33
₹ 45

Surki Brick Jelly

₹ 30
₹ 0

Blue Metal Chips Layer

₹ 0
₹ 20

Shell Lime Powder

₹ 12
₹ 0

Labour Charges

₹ 40
₹ 30

Water Proofing

₹ 40
₹ 40

Total Cost Per Sft

₹ 155
₹ 135
terrace cooling tile
cool roof tile